SM posted Letter to PVDS from NH

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Postby ~kaRN » Thu Oct 26, 2006 4:02 am

WangChung wrote:
JD wrote:Ok, jokes aside for a minute

No way was this letter written by Paul. The man is not an idiot, whatever else he is. The letter was not written by Natalee.

It's either just a really cruel joke from some whacko looking for attention at the expense of Natalee's family or someone's trying to help out the suspects and it shows the incredible lengths that one would go to do that.

The fact that LE didnt come out and put the rumors to rest or make some kind of call for integrity looks to me like they would just as soon allow the rumor to spread. I think that speaks volumes.

If that's not a poor reflection on Aruba, it's another poor reflection on ALE. Keystone cops is giving them too much credit. The Kingdom needs to come in and clean house IMO

Fuck off. :lol: The only houses remaining to be cleaned are in The Tiny Kingdom of MB. :wink:

How the fuck does a letter post marked from Little Rock Arkansas reflect badly on Aruba or ALE???? Geez JD ashamed the sicko who wrote it might live next door to you?
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