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A place where people who are left leaning can get together to discuss with people of a like mind. This Forum is moderated by YIF and to get admitted either PM her or go to the second post in the forum for instructions

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Postby Kay_The_Kitten » Tue Apr 13, 2010 10:07 am

Good Morning,

I and the other admins as well as the Mods are all tired of listening to the whines like:
The Lefties are Jumping on my Posts and Vice versa.

In an attempt to try to soothe things we have set up two forums one for each side, The way they are set is that the Moderator can allow someone to post or not, pm them as needed, however all can read.

Since some have complained about YIF being the “lefty” I have put her in charge of the left bank and Fash in charge of the Right bank.

Just a reminder, the rules (such as they are) are enunciated in the politics forum apply here ( just as they do for the rest of the board)

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